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Mr Asif Ali Gohar always promoting justice through different digital media.

YouTube is really a rather broad stage where a huge number of people can be attained. Now all over the Earth, individuals are always connected out of their phones, computer or tablet to surf the net and see this electronic platform.

Currently utilize the YouTube social network to attain people and also get to understand each additional. Although lots of people know the quality of man he is because throughout his lifetime he has devoted himself to extensively study what associated with reconstructive justice.

To reveal his hard work he began his reports in such social problems in the Mennonite college at Pakistan in the grasp of Industrial Relations, subsequently completed his master’s diploma in the Conflict Transformation livelihood in a prestigious college at Virginia, United States.

Studying these 2 careers re-affirms his fascination with human rights and being a guardian of non violence. During his master’s degree, Mr. Asif Ali Gohar received a Fullbright scholarship, that helped to finish the master’s level for the entrance of justice and construction.

He set an institution for justice and global peace, campaigning against violence towards females, helping lots of refugees focused in many areas, and programs to elevate awareness among the population of HIV and AIDS sexually transmitted disease.

Each experience led him to make a book and print different functions on decorative Just Ice. In 2002, he held a workshop in town of Peshawar, Pakistan.

He also wrote distinct scripts for television about domestic packages that talked regarding the issues of combating drugs, AIDS, violence against girls and honor killings.

Just about every job that Asif Ali Gohar does contributes to the society that now has lost values and social justice. During its YouTube channel, you can love the content of the work that it will do to ensure that the individual rights of people.

October 22, 2019