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Difference between client reporting and presentations

As a normal business person, you are required to provide your clients with certain reports about the project you are doing on their behalf. Client reporting is not an easy task because most of the times your staff is lagging behind client expectations and in order to present the current status, you try to describe the most important things only to save the time of your staff. This can be done in two ways.

• Presenting the project status with a proper and formal report
• Presenting the project status with the help of slide presentation

Presentations through power point:
Both the ways have their pros and cons and these can be used alternatively but when you have to provide a precise and to the point information, slide presentation is considered a better option. There are hundreds of presentation templates available on the internet through which you can save further time of your employees and let them focus on their tasks.

The best template for project description is the project timeline template which can be used to create a timeline of the project to demonstrate what things are left in the pipeline. While presenting, your staff members should always stick to the point because your client might not be interested in listening to the irrelevant things.

Formal reports:
On the other hand, report is an extensive thing and it will consume more of your time. It is always a better idea to first present the progress through a timeline template for powerpoint and then produce a proper and formal report for the client. A formal report would not only require more of your time but more information as well. When you are in the initial stages of the project, it is efficient to present the work done through a power point presentation.

October 26, 2019